Published on 03 July 2024


Council is currently undertaking a project to construct a new shed to display the old Bedford J1 Fire Appliance, “The Ladies Fire Truck”, that serviced Tullibigeal from the 1980s. The truck is currently being restored in preparation for the display. As part of the project it is planned to produce signs and posters that detail the history, tell the stories and show photographs of the truck in service. This information isn’t readily available so Council is asking members of the community to come forward with any information they might have.

Council has some information on the truck’s history and the heroic actions of the women and children of Tullibigeal to protect the town from fire in 1991. Their actions led to the establishment of the Tullibigeal Women’s Fire Brigade to help protect the town.  However, we need as much information as possible to tell the full story of the truck and its importance to the community.

If you have any information that could be used in this project, please forward them to Council at the address below. Information can also be emailed to Council’s Manager Projects and Buildings Mr Guy Marchant at guy.marchant@lachlan.nsw.gov.au or Janelle Ireland at beltana5@man.com. Alternatively, please phone the Council on 6895 1900 and a staff member will be happy to talk to you about whatever information you have.

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