School and Community Education

Lachlan Shire Council’s Primary School Waste Education Program

Lachlan Shire Council offers a free Primary School Waste Education Program. The annual program is available to all primary schools within Shire. 

The interactive program is part of Council’s waste education plan, and aims to educate students on the impact of waste generation and disposal on the environment and explores practical methods to minimise waste. As the program is designed to align with the Australian National Curriculum, it complements school environmental and sustainability units of work. 

The activity-based presentations are delivered by experienced environmental educators from EnviroCom Australia, an independent consultancy company. EnviroCom has over 20 years’ experience in the delivery of waste and environmental education to schools and the community. To learn more about the program and when it will next be available, please contact EnviroCom Australia’s Orange Office. 

EnviroCom Australia

Orange Office

Ph: 0400 407 685 or 0447 944 738



Love food hate waste

Who doesn't love food? NSW households send an average of 800,000 tonnes of food to the landfill every year. Each year, the cost of food wasted in Australia is $20 billion! Not only is this an incredible waste of food and money, food waste in landfills release the greenhouse gas methane as they break down – a gas 24 times more potent than carbon dioxide.  

Wasted food also means wasted resources. The water, energy, materials and fuel used to harvest, transport, process, package, distribute and market wasted food is also wasted.

Sadder still, most of it could have been eaten. Reduce the amount of food you waste by using leftover items to make sauces or as a sandwich filling.

For more information on how you can contribute to this important project, go to the Love Food, Hate Waste website