New Waste Service

Please use the appropriate form below to apply for a new waste service at a property that has never had a waste service.

The property owner/s or someone that has authority to act on behalf of a property owner can apply for a waste service.

You must have an Occupation Certificate before applying. If no Occupation Certificate has been received and processed by Council this application maybe cancelled. Please contact Council's Environment and Planning team on 02 6895 1950 if you are unsure if your Occupation Certificate has been received or processed by Council.

Please note: There is an application fee payable when completing this form and annual charges will be added to the properties rate notice per Council's current Fees and Charges.

Once the application has been approved, bin delivery will be arranged.


Domestic Waste(PDF, 98KB)

Business Waste(PDF, 115KB)

Other Towns

Domestic Waste(PDF, 103KB)

Business Waste(PDF, 188KB)

For further information please contact Council’s Environment and Planning Department on 02 6895 1950.