Sculpture Down the Lachlan

"Sculpture Down the Lachlan" is a permanent, inland public art trail stretching 100 kilometres between Condobolin and Forbes, along the meandering Lachlan River. 

Art embedded in nature. Designed to showcase the raw, unmanicured beauty of the rural landscape in which envelops the larger-than-life installations.  

Featuring over twenty sculptures by some of Australia’s leading creatives. 

The following sculptures can be found within the Lachlan Shire;

Within - Without

Location: Marsden Road, off Lachlan Valley Way, Condobolin.

Within - Without (Of Land and Spirit) is a representation of the underlying patterns formed in nature, and the interconnection that exist between them. 


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Heart of Country

Location:  Lila Park Travelling Stock Reserve (TSR), Lachlan Valley Way, Condobolin

He stands proudly at six metres tall. His bold stance and keen focus cuts a potent and deadly impression whilst making the inescapable suggestion that he is searching for something unseen, lost along the way, relegated to the past. 


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Location: Condobolin Travelling Stock Reserve (TSR), Lachlan Valley Way, Condobolin

Unlike the other sculptures that feature along the SDL trail, ‘Wandering’ does not have a narrative. While the abstract piece was made in reference to the picturesque landscape in which it sits, it invites the viewer to create a narrative for themselves.


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