Speak at a Council Meeting

Members of the public can address Councillors at Council meetings. You must first obtain Council approval and comply with the rules governing Council meetings.

Guidelines for addressing Council

Members of the public may address meetings of Council on items that are on the council agenda, subject to the approval of the Council:

  • Applications to speak at the public forum must be received three (3) days before the Council Meeting by completing and submitting a Request to Address Council form
  • Each speaker will be allowed five (5) minutes to address the council. This time is to be strictly enforced by the chairperson however, may be extended by the agreement of Council. 
  • Councillors may ask questions to clarify the position of the speaker or statements made
  • If a satisfactory resolution to the matter on the agenda is being considered there may be no need for members of the public to address the Council
  • Council, and council staff on behalf of Council, may invite applicants, consultants, government authorities and other groups or individuals to provide a presentation to Council on a matter that is on the council agenda
  • If there are a large number of people interested in the same item, one representative will be nominated to speak on behalf of a group and to indicate how many people they are representing. 

Copyright notice and disclaimer

By attending a Council meeting, you consent to your speech or other personal information being captured, recorded and webcast. For this reason any opinions expressed or statements made by individual persons during the course of Council meetings are the opinions or statements of those individual persons and are not opinions or statements of Council.

All persons should refrain from making any defamatory remarks. Council accepts no liability for any defamatory remarks made during the course of a Council meeting. All persons should refrain from making public comments about another individual(s) without seeking the consent of that individual beforehand.